Step 3 for Buyers: Review Buyer’s Checklist


You’ve picked your Realtor and gotten pre-approved (yeah!). Now what? Now I would like to share the big picture of what happens throughout the entire real estate buying process here on Maui so that you know what to expect and we can avoid surprises. 

Please take a few minutes to read though my Checklist for Buying property on Maui.  This gives you an overview of everything you need to do along the way. But don’t worry, I’ll remind you  of each step as we go along as well.  

In addition, real estate terms can often be confusing such as FHA, HOA, AOAO, etc. Therefore, if these terms are new to you, consider reading my blog on common real estate terms and acronyms. 

Things We Need to Do Before You Buy

  • If you plan on financing your property purchase, you need to find a mortgage broker/ lender. I highly recommend using a local lender. Please let me know if I can make some recommendations.
  • Send me a copy of your pre-approval letter as well as the contact information for your mortgage broker. (Proof of funds if paying cash.)  We will submit these documents with you offer to purchase.